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HTI Research Laboratory - Y1101, Lee Shau Kee Building

HTI Research Laboratory (Y1101, Lee Shau Kee Building, PolyU) is well-suited for biological and chemical experiments. Various equipments including centrifuges, incubators, biosafety cabinets etc. enable safe, up-to-standard manipulation of samples readily. Altogether these wet lab facilities allow OIGTM to prepare various reagents and samples for our imaging studies in a high-quality manner.


Translational Imaging Laboratory - Y1104, Lee Shau Kee Building

Translational Imaging Laboratory (Y1104, Lee Shau Kee Building, PolyU) is dedicated for in vivo preclinical imaging studies. Equipments such as multiphoton confocal microscope for intravital microscopy, IVIS SpectrumCT, MSOT and others engage OIGTM in visualizing tissue samples and animal models in a multitude of aspects. Various state-of-the-art imaging modalities ensure quality of in vivo imaging research, visioning clinical translation as final goal.

Picture4 y1104.jpg
Picture5 y1104.jpg

A1R MP+ Multiphoton Confocal Microscope for Intravital Microscopy

The Nikon A1R MP+ multiphoton confocal microscope (Y1104a In vivo imaging laboratory) is our choice for imaging deep inside living animals. Making possible for Z-stack imaging at high S/N ratio, the system allows both high-speed and high-quality scanning with its hybrid scanning head design. The system allows our researchers to image deep dynamics in vivo.


     - Scan Head: A1R MP+ (Nikon)

     - Laser Unit: Chameleon Vision II (Coherent)

     - Microscope: Eclipse Ni-E (Nikon)

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